World's First
Social Network

Rate your experiences,
express yourself, earn crypto token,
connect people having similar lifestyle

Brand new social network to discover personalized experiences and connect people having same taste.
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People do not have motivation to rate and review even they have billions of experiences in total.

Existing rating and reviews can be biased or scattered over single category focused apps, therefore it is very hard to reach meaningful information.
"Yelp with Tokens"
Users will be rewarded with crypto token to share rating and reviews. It helps users stay engaged and ultimately create more rating and reviews through incentivization
Express your feelings in a brand new social network
Earn crypto token while contributing
Reach unbiased & personalized rating & reviews
Connect people having similar lifestyle
Brand New Revolutionary SocialFi Application
Rate to Earn
Yoorbit is the first and only rate-toearn social network. You can rate everything you experienced in your daily life and earn RATE token. More contribution means more RATE token
Disruptive Creator Economy
With Rate-to-Earn decentralized reward system, Yoorbit is the bridge connecting blockchain with real life. Crowdsourcing content provides crowd earning community.
Unique Interest Graph
Users create their interest graph by rating their personal experiences. They will have interest based digital identity to connect any metaverse project later.
Multiple Ways to Earn Token
Users can earn by rating, commenting, interacting etc. More contribution means more earning and more relevant content to discover.
Hashtags will be NFT and can be bought on marketplace. Interactions of the corresponding tag is connected to NFT, so NFT holder can earn by keeping it.
Top users can mint NFTs from their profiles and sell them in the marketplace. NFT holders have earning-per-share of this profile’s activities.
iOS and Android Applications are Live
You can download applications now!
Token Distribution
Total Supply:
Utilities of RATE Token
For Users
  • To buy a Tag NFT. Users can invest on popular hashtags (ex: #Fun, #Paris, #football) by buying NFT. They can sell it on Yoorbit Marketplace later. Transactions will be using RATE token.
  • To buy a Social Profile NFT. Users can invest on active social profiles at earlier stage. So, they can share in token earning set by NFT smart contract.
  • To upgrade profile status. Upgraded status brings some premium features like being more visible, showed on search results, customizable profile screen and increasing token earning multiplier. Upgrades are subscription based, so users have to spend RATE token to keep it.
  • To buy more Rocket. Users can buy Rocket to send other users to appreciate their posts or be more visible to that user.
For Companies
  • To advertise or buy sponsorship. Companies can pay by RATE token or USD. If payment will be as USD, 20% of total amount will be buyback by Yoorbit and burned.
  • To subscribe B2B Consumer Insight Tool. Companies can pay by RATE token or USD. If payment will be as USD, 20% of total amount will be buyback by Yoorbit and burned.
  • To use Rating Loyalty Service. Companies who wants to use our service need to buy RATE token. They will have a low-code API integration.
  • To give RATE incentive their users. Real life businesses like restaurants or hotels can be partner with Yoorbit to use our system as loyalty program and give RATE token to loyal customers.
Business Model
Click to Sell
Users will discover the best products and services on a one-stop-shop platform and they can buy, book, reserve from affiliated business partners
B2B Consumer Insight Tool
Companies can reach detailed market insights and competitor analysis using our dashboard to get real time results instantly
Internal Ad Network
Detailed targeting on network to reach perfect audience using taste graph database of users.
B2B Consumer Insight Tool
Rate-to-Earn SAAS
Rating based crypto loyalty service where partners can integrate using our API or SDK and give incentive to their users.

There are many advantages for partners,
  • No additional resource for developing a loyalty service
  • No additional resource for maintain it
  • Seamless integration with our API or SDK
  • Minimum cost allocation for loyalty program
  • Getting more insight from users by incentivizing them with crypto token
  • Campaign management on dashboard with several clicks
  • Cross campaign or partnership opportunity with other brands or applications.
Detailed Roadmap
• Development of native iOS and Android applications with all rating and social features
• Release of applications in pilot phase
• Development of web dashboard for reporting & analytics
• Partnership PoC with Unilever
• Content management & moderation system
• 50.000+ users in worldwide
• Community channels in Discord, Telegram,Twitter, Medium
• Rewarding System Implementation
• NFT Marketplace Implementation on TestNet
• Seed sale
• Private sale
• Public sale
• Crypto Wallet Cashout Implementation
• CEX Listing
• Integrating Major E-Commerce Platforms
• B2B Consumer Insight Dashboard Development
• Designing Rate-to-Earn Rewarding System as SAAS
• Launching Rate-to-Earn SAAS
• Launching B2B Consumer Insight Dashboard
• Internal Ad Network Development
• Loyalty Card With A Major Card Issuer
• Launching Internal Ad Network
• Brands Partnerships for sponsoring
• Metaverse Integration With Other Apps
No Competitor Application Yet
Total addressable market:4 Billion People (Worldwide social media users in 2022)
 $153 Billion (Social media advertising revenue 2021)
Tech stack & Integrations
Altan Açıkgöz
Previous Experience
Chief Data Officer @ Getir
Co-Founder & CTO @ Bitaksi
Serhat Köse
Co-Founder & CTO
Previous Experience
Founding Member & CTO @ Getir
Onur Sayan
Co-Founder & Investor
Previous Experience
Angel Investor in
several tech startups
Erdal Kaplan
Co-Founder & CFO
Previous Experience
Finance Manager @ Getir
Finance Manager @ Bitaksi
Murat Taşatman
Co-Founder & CIO

Blockchain & Mobile Integrations
Enes Kayıklık
Mobile & Solidity Developer
Asuman Açıkgöz
Content Manager
Seren Karabük
Marketing Specialist
Hilal Baktaş
Project Coordinator
Senem Özkan Çatı
Lead Designer
Sima Baktaş
Advisor & Legal

Co-founder @ GlobalB
Charlie K.

CEO & Co-Founder at Block Earner
Sıddıka Demir

Board Director | Founding Partner at med.essence GmbH | STEM and DE&I Champion | Mentor
Nitin Kumar

Silicon Valley CEO | Strategy, M&A, Growth | New Economy and Disruptive Technologies
Imge Su Cetin

Founder and CEO of Defy Trends | Data Scientist | IOM
Kema Bae

Co-founder and Managing Partner at Sinofy Group